Edinburgh airport is trialling pre-departure rapid Covid-19 testing.

The airport has partnered with BioSURE and  PocDoc to deliver rapid testing, giving results within 15 minutes.

The week-long trial is set to be part of the aviation industries recovery plan, which started on the 1st of March.

With the integrated BioSURE Covid-19 rapid tests onto PocDoc’s platform, the rapid tests only require a saliva sample, meaning no nasal swab and a more positive testing experience.

The trial will be open to staff and campus volunteers due to low passenger numbers. It will demonstrate how testing can be scaled at airports, potentially adding to the testing capability already in place at Edinburgh Airport.

Gordon Dewar, chief executive of Edinburgh Airport, said:

“We know testing will be part of our travelling future, so it makes absolute sense that we look at how that is possible in an airport environment as we prepare for aviation’s recovery.

“Although there is a lack of detail on when that recovery might be able to take place, we are going to do all we can as an airport to make sure we put processes in place, so we are in the strongest position possible when conditions allow.

“This trial with BioSURE and PocDoc will provide some insight into rapid, efficient and affordable testing, and we will study the findings before deciding our next steps.”

Founder and chief executive of PocDoc Steve Roest said:

“Covid-19 has seen the travel industry brought to its knees, but we believe 2021 will see a much happier year for the sector.

“Everyone is aware of the extent of the testing problem, and we believe we have found a solution.”


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SOURCE: Daily Record