As a united team, we at have faced the same challenges, difficulties and anxieties as everyone during the pandemic, for us personally and our business for sure.

But we also felt every challenge and blow for the multiple global companies we work with daily. How do you get a message and product out there to a world whose focus is on grim news? Whose attention is only half on anything but the situation itself, and all the current uncertainties and unanswered questions.

Simply put, when that message is a positive one regarding the distressing pandemic situation, the world pays full attention. When we were approached to create a global business development strategy for BioSure’s new rapid testing kits for COVID-19 and its antibodies, we knew that these products were an important step to getting back to normal. Who wouldn’t want to maximise the exposure of that kind of product? It’s just the kind of good news we all want to engage with.

After a year of unrelenting turmoil and stress, not only the pandemic but also the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, it is extremely re-assuring that the UK remains at the forefront of innovation and technology. In the field of science Britain is exceptional and has much to be proud of. After such a challenging year, when brilliant minds were pushed to the limits of imagination, the most agile businesses and companies in the health and medical sector showed us that necessity is indeed the mother of invention. BioSure is just such a company, but with the distinction of being outstanding in their achievements throughout this crisis. are proud to be working with the brilliant minds at BioSure.

This highly regarded, awarding-winning bio-tech company (in November 2020 they were awarded the Barclays Entrepreneur Award) had already broken ground by developing an easy to use, HIV Self Test  to accompany their suite of healthcare testing kits. Since the beginning of the pandemic BioSure have pivoted their expertise and now have a range of UK developed manufactured tests, which are available for professional use in the UK and International markets. They are due to launch the Vatic KnowNow Saliva Antigen test which offers a quick, painless and non-intrusive answer to COVID-19 testing, with no need for expensive lab work and results in just 15 minutes.  It’s level of detection (LoD) is so low it can detect the presence of COVID-19 a day before a patient becomes infectious to another person.

Now that we have effective, safe vaccines being deployed at astonished speed, can we actually be on the journey to life as we knew it once again?

Can we cautiously draw breath and think about a future that resembles our much missed recent past?

It is fair to say that the vaccine must not be the only weapon in our armoury, and that a multi-faceted approach is by far our best option. We will need to continue mass testing, but we will also need to ensure that tests become easier to use, cheaper to manufacture and more easily accepted as a commonplace part of our lives.

Importantly we need to not only test for the presence of the COVID-19 virus itself in all its variants, but for the presence of antibodies from infection, as well as the vaccine immune response. We need to constantly research not only where infection is prevalent but also who has had the virus without symptoms and is protected, and how long such protection lasts. Vitally, we need a clear overview of how our current vaccines are performing.

BioSure have also added to their portfolio, the cost-effective neutralising antibody test for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) for use by healthcare professionals.

COVID testing

The AbC-19 Rapid Test searches for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 IgG neutralising antibodies in a small finger prick of blood and takes as little as 20 minutes to produce a result with sensitivity 98.03% and specificity 99.56%. They have combined simplicity with accuracy in an inexpensive kit, with minimal operator training required. A new partnership with Abingdon Health PLC for the sale and distribution of the tests to healthcare professionals in clinical settings, becomes even more relevant as vaccination programmes scale. This impressive, easy to transport and store product is now awaiting further accreditation from medical bodies around the globe, but already has its CE mark for use across the EU and UK.

Using the principles that the roadmap to lifting restrictions and normal life would require more than just endless testing for current infection, BioSure were able to develop testing kits to fit real-life environments specifically. Use in industry, by event organisers and for travel and transport will enable informed decisions for the future of these sectors.

One of the hardest hit areas affected by the fall-out from COVID-19 has been aviation.

BioSURE and PocDoc - COVID testing

BioSure are now working with PocDoc and Edinburgh Airport to trial the capability of the KnowNow Saliva Antigen test in the airport setting. With only a saliva sample required and a result in 15 minutes, the trial will assess the efficient and affordable COVID-19 test offered to sit alongside available COVID-19 lab testing. If approved, it presents a viable solution to unlocking travel.

And the good news continues for BioSure.

Ann Budge - Covid Testing

Could the new products also offer a chance to once again enjoy live sports? Ann Budge, owner of Heart of Midlothian FC, is cautiously optimistic that the idea of testing for fans as a prerequisite to attending games has potential.

After taking a test herself, she was impressed with the ease and speed with which the result was achieved.

While fans in grounds and at matches still looks some way off, the COVID-19 tests used alongside technology in the form of an app, could be a game-changer for the future of live sports. The logistics, and how tests will be administered to crowds of many thousands are still to be worked out, but it is one more step towards the recovery of a decimated industry.

So, you have brilliant minds creating and working with incredible products, brought to market globally by a team who enthusiastically embrace them because they really can benefit us all. Maybe very soon, regularly testing with BioSure products and enjoying a full life again will be a reality. Social distancing will become social engagement for us all.