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Since its inception, Fender has been the leader of the electric guitar space. Starting first with amps and the lap steel guitar and eventually moving into his first iconic guitar model, the Telecaster, Leo Fender completely revolutionised the sound quality and body of electric guitars and changed the world of music forever.

To this day, the Stratocaster is the most well-known and recognisable electric guitar in the world. Taking this legacy of innovation, Fender went on to create many models of guitar to disrupt every genre of music, from rock & roll to jazz to metal, Fender guitars have been at the forefront of nearly every musical movement in history.

Having this revolutionary history of greatness is what defines the Fender name and is what launched the company into stardom; a level of fame that is perpetuated to this day. Focusing now on production of amps, signature models of guitars, customisable guitars, and even deeper interactivity and learning experiences for every level of guitar player, Fender is a family name that can be trusted by consumers. This trust carries over into each of its product offerings—the consumer electronics arm being no exception.

Having the Fender name behind the audio products (both in existence and forthcoming) is a powerful launchpad that can be used to create, market, and distribute products that are of the highest quality and live up to the Fender legacy of innovation.

This history is the platform of success that will continue to evolve as the Fender company grows and expands to have more product offerings.

Fender Audio is the partnership between Riff Soundworks and Fender, aimed to deliver a sonic experience that consumers love to hear and is built to last. Through this partnership, Fender Audio able to create a premium audio experience that delivers the same legendary sonic performance expected with the Fender name and the flexibility to deliver the best in personal audio throughout the world.

The Fender Audio range includes TOUR Series true wireless earphones, PRODUCER Series professional in-ear monitors and DESTINATION Series Bluetooth speakers and accessories.

Tour Series

Producer Series

Destination Series