Are you stuck in quarantine? Staying in-doors can get challenging after a short period, but most importantly, it can cost you fresh air. Whether you are stuck during winter or summer, fans can help circulate the air in summer as well as move the heat flow during winter. Since we are all in the same situation globally, we have gathered some of the best tips to stay cool and breathe well during this lockdown or self-isolation period;


According to, maintaining the right internal temperature of your body throughout the day is not only essential but also plays a significant role in keeping you healthy. It helps in regulating your cardiac rhythm and promotes sound sleep. If you are staying home all day, it is necessary to take measures which will maintain your internal body temperatures throughout the day and night. Automation is a key feature in the AirGo smart fan, it allows you to preset conditions based on various factors within your area, helping you to maintain the temperature at your fingertips by using our GeoSmartPro app.


You may think ventilation brings only cool air into your house, but it brings more to the table than just that. When the house windows are closed for air-conditioning or heating and remain closed up for longer periods, indoor air pollutants tend to gather due to poor ventilation system. This can cause potential allergies and asthma problems as shown in the research sheet by National Renewable Energy Lab., Golden, CO (US), to make your homes more comfortable, having a fan installed can be a gem. Not only does it create a cool wind like the in-house effect but also ventilates the house removing all accumulated air pollutants and odours that you cannot get rid of on your own. Having a fan can also help you cross-ventilate your home by pushing air out and pulling natural air in from open windows, circulating fresh air into your house.

Keeping it Clean

It is recommended by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to make it a routine to sanitise your house by following a cleaning and disinfecting process. Frequent cleaning of rooms and co-living spaces is required to keep your home at low risk of Covid-19. Opening your windows and doors when the weather permits can also help reduce the chance of your house getting contaminated. Many studies show that ventilating your homes properly can help reduce transmission. Incorporating smart technology into our lifestyle also minimises contact with every product and thus reduces the risk of transferring across germs on various household objects. 

Working from home

As the public health authorities around the world have restricted public gatherings, social distancing and working from home has become a necessity. You may catch yourself turning living spaces into home offices, but to stay focused and productive, it is necessary to maintain a healthy environment at home that keeps you moving. Most importantly, staying home requires a lot of air circulation, and hence you need to keep that air flowing, keeping your body cool and the quality of your work even cooler, and all that needs to be done as quietly as possible to help you focus and stay calm. AirGo Smart Fan guarantees a quiet and smooth, trouble-free airflow within the comfort of your home.

We want to conclude by letting you know that adopting a healthy lifestyle at home is a necessity, especially during this lockdown period. Hence why we want to remind everyone that improved quality of air is what you should begin with when looking for a healthy lifestyle. Lastly, it is essential to be patient and calm. Try meditation, cooking, reconnecting with old friends electronically and merely spending time with your family to help you have a relaxing time. We wish you and your loved ones health and safety during these challenging times.